I’m Amy and I live in Santa Rosa, Ca where I have lived for my entire life...well, almost. For three years I lived in Seattle while studying for a Bachelors in Fine Arts at Seattle University. Living in Seattle was amazing because I LOVE the rain and overcast days. Cue up Gilmore girls, grab that cozy blanket and we’re talkin’ a good time.

Well hello there!

My goal is to give you photos that allow you to relive every hug, laugh and crazy dance move move from Cousin Eddy. 

you should know that I quote movies regularly, I’m a thriller book addict, and cool ranch Doritos are the fastest way to my heart. I once ate an entire party-sized bag of cool ranch Doritos...to myself...in ONE SITTING. I’m the kind of person who daydreams about dinner when I wake up in the morning. So, don’t be surprised if my camera bag has more snacks than equipment. And yes, I’ll share!


Amy is a true artist in every sense of the word.
The photos she captured of my wedding day perfectly exemplified how I saw it myself, and exactly how I wanted to remember it. My husband and I were able to relax and enjoy the process, even though neither of us are particularly comfortable in front of the camera. Amy helps to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, all while making the process fun.

"Working with Amy is like working with a long-time friend!"

Working with Amy is like working with a long-time friend, and she instills a sense of confident calm that is infectious. I am so grateful for her artistic direction, expertise and beautiful energy Amy brought to my wedding day. I feel such joy and warmth when I look at my wedding photos and I wish that same feeling for all brides. I wholeheartedly recommend Amy DeBonis Photography. 
-Lisa and Duff